A standalone training tool including all the necessary materials to raise awareness among personnel at risk for radiation during mandatory trainings of nuclear industry.

Using networked device interconnectivity, DosiCase® is equipped with personal dosimeters, gamma radiation emission sources, and a survey meter (optional).

All these devices are controlled from a touch-screen tablet that allows you to configure maximum doses for each dosimeter and the dose rate for each source.

Create our own scenarios
and save them

In order to meet the widest range of needs, DosiCase®  was designed to allow instructors to create their own scenarios.

Each dosimeter device is assigned to a team to monitor the doses of an individual, team, or a whole site.

The dosimeters can be configured to set off an alarm if the subject exceeds an individual dose level.

The instructor of the training course can then decide to withdraw the dosimeter in question, continue the training session in overdose situation, or re-set the dose to zero and repeat the scenario.

Each source can emit a different dose rate and is active for one, several, or all the dosimeters that it detects.

Each dosimeter reacts to the cumulative dose rate from each source and sets off an alarm that stops when the subject is no longer exposed to the maximum programmed dose rate.

The survey meter can measure this dose rate and shows the influence of distance on the ionizing integration. One of the functions also adjusts the radioactive decay to a 1/d or 1/d2 slope.

Control screens
to modify the scenario in real time

The instructor can follow the cumulative dose and instant dose rate detected by the dosimeters for each learner in real time. Different colour graphics and cursors allow for easy viewing of the current operations.

Each alarm level is also adjustable in terms of colors, maximum doses, dose rate alarms, initial doses for each, and more.

The instructor is also able to remotely turn off the display of one or many dosimeters in order to simulate a hardware failure or set off any or all of the alarms.

Output screens
for immediate feedback

At the end of the simulation all the information is saved in the tablet.

Each scenario is shown as curves of both the cumulative dose and the instantaneous dose rate.

In this way, the instructor can immediately explain the radiological consequences of the learners’ choices and recommend actions to minimise integrated doses. Each scenario is printable in a pdf file.

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A complete case

  • 8 dosimeters (mix-and-matchable card or case-type)
  • 4 gamma emission sources
  • 2 survey meters
  • 1 touch-screen tablet

All the devices are stored in a transportable case that plugs in and recharges wirelessly.

Dosicase sera présent au salon WNE2018

DosiCase® participated in the
5th European Forum of Radioprotection which took place from 5 till 7 October 2016 in La Grande-Motte – France.

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